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WoW been some time

   Wow been some time with updates. Hmm I have to review what happening to me. Where to begin I think at home and work and go from there. So much and yet i think it time.
  well at home the same old story nothing much happening. I bought no new toys yet.  I did =have too get new winter tires for my car as winter is almost here and I still cannot think of how anyone can drive in Canada with out them they think they not neeed them. I also got to get new shocks and stutts front and back.NOW that cost a lot of money. I think it almost time for another food order as we are getting low.
   At work I got a part raise I was looking for more but then cheap as I know I only got 50 cents. Gesh think I broke the bank.They thought doi me a favor with that. Yet, things go on and on. :P: with no f/m on Saturday and hours changing I cannot keep up with it. But, if the reader(you) want too know only ask me what nights I am off as I say now I do not have nights off and that night is Sunday.
  I had a surprise in my msn email. I got some letetrs from some one very important to me. TS had been looking for me for past 16 years. Well she found me and now we chat and get updates on all going on.
I know there is much more too tell everyone but i think that will be it for now.

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Who is Jack Schitt??  
For some time many of us have wondered just who is Jack Schitt?

We find ourselves at a loss when someone says, ‘You don’t know
Jack Schitt!’

Well, thanks to my friends generous genealogy efforts, you can now
respond in an intellectual way.

Jack Schitt is the only son of Awe Schitt. Awe Schitt, the
fertilizer magnate, married O. Schitt, the owner of Needeep N.
Schitt, Inc. They had one son, Jack.

In turn, Jack Schitt married Noe Schitt. The deeply religious
couple produced six children: Holie Schitt, Giva Schitt, Fulla
Schitt, Bull Schitt, and the twins Deep Schitt and Dip Schitt..

Against her parents’ objections, Deep Schitt married Dumb Schitt,
a high school dropout.

After being married 15 years, Jack and Noe Schitt divorced Noe
Schitt later married Ted Sherlock, and because her kids were living

with them, she wanted to keep her previous name. She
was then known as Noe Schitt Sherlock.

Meanwhile, Dip Schitt married Loda Schitt, and they produced a son
with a rather nervous disposition named Chicken Schitt.

Two of the other six children, Fulla Schitt and Giva Schitt, were
inseparable throughout childhood and subsequently married the
Happens brothers in a dual ceremony. The wedding announcement in
the newspaper announced the Schitt-Happens nuptials.

The Schitt-Happens children were Dawg, Byrd, and Horse.

Bull Schitt, the prodigal son, left home to tour the world. He
recently returned from Italy with his new Italian bride, Pisa

Now when someone says, ‘You don’t know Jack Schitt,’ you can
correct them.

Crock O. Schitt

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Yeah I know I am poor when>>>>


~ Top 10 Signs You Are Broke ~

10. calls and says: "Leave home without it!"

9. You’re formulating a plan to rob the food bank.

8. The company doesn’t call you to switch.

7. You rob Peter…and then rob Paul.

6. You finally clean your house, hoping to find change.

5. You think of a lottery ticket as…
a Great Investment!!!

4. Your bologna has no first name.

3. Sally Struthers sends you food.

2. supplies you with all your kitchen condiments.

And The Number #1 Sign You Are Broke Is:

1. At communion you go back for seconds

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   HI there back again this has been a long time coming as been busy  with things going on at home and work. The usual BS with work and my life goes on. There is some shocks going on in my life. So, lets begin and hope I catch up on some of the hightlites.
     Well lets begin with work. I have been busy getting into and out of the BS almost as many times some one changes there underwaer. But, I am still at it and doing my best. Still no raise and I will not see one very soon . What else is new with that. I need a break from it and the Bull.
     I got a newer car as the last one costing more and more and sold this one for $300 and got a newer one for $800 and some minor repairs for $600 which is ok. I know i want to do more . To see the newer car i will post pics of it. I think this one is good but then I thinking that of all my cars I get.It is green Interpred 1999. So, i guess it be the mean geeen machine…lol…The inusreance for that is $150 a month.YIKES!!!
   I had a guest stay with me for what was too be a week so he can get his new place. well , AG stayed 3 weeks and seemed he had no plans too move out. I told him finnally I had enought and kick him out as he not pay me a cent in money as he said he was getting some "funds’. But, all i got was more BS and with the BS i was geting at work i do not need it at home too. yeah, SR is still living with me. Which , is Ok as she does pay me. But then, I think we get along  great so far. SR and I got a 2 bedroom place in same building. It is right next door too my old place so I did not have far too move. But as usual no one too help me when i needed it so i did it all by myself. It is more in rent  but then all i do is pay more so does SR.  I will post pics of that when I get all done. I got insurance for $19 a month which help with car and now all total I pay for my place and car $130
    My B-day was over the summer I won’t saty how old I was but gesh I feelli am getting older every day.. we all get older every day gesh a joke.I did get a few happy b-days. I had too work my b-day even when I wish it off and asked too.
This is the hightlights of the past few months I am sure I left some of it out and if I did too bad as if you were a true freind and read this you would know what been going on with me and if not too bad I guess. I will try getting back on track of doing bi-monthly updates again soon.

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Sorry>> long time

   Welcome to another blog update. It has been over a month and seems somethiongs change while others do not.
   Well I like too send out happy b- days to all those who think I have forgotten>>>AT<ST< SR >and many more I am sorry . But, I think all know I am not forgetful just lazy.LOL>>It is Ok if those do not recall my b-day which is July 25th   Just FYI I AM A LEO    
   Well  here it is almost a month guess what is new with work. Hell. that is a no brainer  it same old story getting into  and out of the great situation of  They still not given me a raise. Gesh, I guess it seems they do not really care about thier officers as why should each yeah have too go out with the hand out and say sorry it is that time again. Like it is a problem or something. Thren others say too mention something well, I know i do but the main thing is why should a person. I know I hear it each time from others about I have been here so many months and not got a raise and then I look at them and think wait hell with you  as I want mine I have been at same place sense May 2002 step in line behind me. I think i have too get one just toolisten too the daily bitching and stuff. I was going sttle on 50 cents well I thinkl i ask for a dollar sense they not give me one. Gesh, like is it that hard again.
   Well summer has begun and that means it is going be hoy and humid again. I don’t care it is all good as with in 5months it be vold and then we all bitch about that so lets make the best of it.
   Well I finally got my new glases as if I not metion that before but then I had too make another trip to get soemthing removed and that cost me another $170 gesh the price keepes going up and up on that. I am sure I will have too deal with it in a better manor . I really hate having surgey done and this hurts pocket book again. Buthren the cheap ass company does not provide medical benefits I guess as everythging else you have too pay. 
   Well this past weekend was the big Toronto pride parade. Gesh< I know who i am and what i am about I do not have too go around  making a show of it. I think they just over do it. I guess I an happy with whoI am and my lifestyle.
well I have too get going as I am just moody today so thanks for reading and come back again

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Is there life ?

  Well hellllllllooooooooo!!!!!!! Thanks for dropping in for this update .
   well work has done it best to get me down  but, I am doing OK again. This weekI willm be with the same place for 7 long years. WOW!!! I keep wondering when I will be fired or something each and every week and day. But, seems I am getting threw it. The past week or so I was on a refresher for handcuff training and use of force. I really really neeeded as I forgot so, much. well, TG the instuctor and I go back a little and was nice too see him. Well, I am back too working Fridays and saturdays again . It was good while it lasted.
   Well it is getting better with the car and seems I wil make it until summer is over . Then I will look for a newer one or at lease newer to me. I had too go get my drivers lince renewed cost me $75 for that which will be good for another 5 years.  BTW i signed up for the organ donor card too. Will I hope someone can use my old body when I am done with it. Then at same time the sent me the sticker renew for the neon. I gavce that to SR and told her to do it sense it is unofically her car and told her she will need a cert for it and I will then sign the car over to her.he said she will get that done as she already got the E-test done and I knew car would pass thus it did. SR paid for that too and if she wants stickers she will pay for that too.

   Well after many years I am finally going get my eyes check this week . It has been a long long time for me. I know I need bifocals as so do many others. I will get the photo-gray too as I want too be able too see at times . I just have no idea how much that will cost. I am hoping be under $300 for all I want . I might get anti-glare too while I am at it . All I know I have budget $350 for it and hope it works out. I mention to them about what I want but, I have get exam first and see from there. The glassesI have now are ok just need the bi-focals. I know it not going too help me typoe any better..LOL but at lease it may help with some head aches I been getting.

  This past week I also took time too look on  my face book and see if I can find someone I may know from famliy .I did find My sisrterin-law.VT and added her too it. I will just keep looking there now and then too see wht is new in her life and she can look at mine and see what is going on . I might send her some pics too add to it. I just have too find the CD that has the pics to do it.I have been on a cleaning spree at my place and orgainizing so much  and that is even the kitchen and storeage room . I even bought new stuff  for outside. Gesh, I really need a life Well looks good for now and I hope stays that way for awhile. I gueess my version of house cleaning again. . I now just have too find the sirte where i got all the other cute emotes I had before and not these ones. I will find it. In the meantime have fun and relax . But, my new thing is be honest with urself first then u can be honest with others.






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hey new things are nice


  Well hi been a  awhile but then I have beeen working on my new computer and stuff so, I have a few things too let you know about. I have so much to say I just never know where too begin so, I think i just go with it. you will notice that there will not be any cute little things on the side as before on here due to  the new computer . I am able too download some things. I had too get a few new things too help with me get the tranfer done and still working on it.
 Well to begin with I will not at the moment have all the cute things in this but yes there will be some . I had too redo everything on my computer and it was a pain in the ass. But I will do my very best too make this short as possible..Like that never happens.  The new computer is great and works nicly. I t hasa duel proceesor and 320 hard drive. That is some of what it has . I have a new monitor seems too working great  after the first one did not, this one is simply great. It is a 20" flat screen which leaves me room on my desk top area for more junk. The computer has the way I can watch TV if i choose too but, I have too get the sound working with my sound card and I will do it one day just i know sound is there is good for me.
Well work is  driving me crazy but, then it always does . Sense I am not here to go on about that I simply say things are ok. Well, as good as one can expect. the way thgings have been going thesedays I am lucky to be working at all. It is abattle to make sure I not get into any more trouble but, sometimes i think I am  then I am not. But, I am good at what I do or at lease I was told many times by some that I am. I don’t think PS would agree with it but, then that is one person.
I was able to go out a couple times too the club and see some old freinds  as LD was able too give me some weekends off. It was nice and miss it but, then true too from LD took that away from me. I should of seen that coming . But that is life as I see it.
The car is acting up aain ..Grrr but then not so surprised . I am hoping too be able too geta newer one soon well new too me. I am not about to put more money into something that should of been working right. I was hoping this one get me at lease 3 yrs but, seems it will get me 1 year if I am lucky. I am thinking of what I will do next.. I am most likey get another one after summer as  I will not drive in cold this year.
Semes some people I know seldomn talk to me ..I don’t care. I have been talking too some old frends and too the point we go out for coffee and do things. AG  and I are chatting almost every day. Then there is thers who I hang out with  so, I am doing Ok. It seems too e that JB has a new person in thier life and not tell me >>LOl . Then I see that BJ has got omplants hmm what kind one can imagine..lol.
I wil take leave of my senses now  and return too real world  and seek new and wonderful things. I will be back at some point and do more updating as before and those who read this have anice day.

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Dating Ideas

 24 Dating ideas
1. Take a pottery painting class.
2. Try a dance demonstration class.
3. Interested in fitness? How about a trial yoga or tai chi or kick boxing class?
4. Enjoy nature and the outdoors? Take a nature walk at the local park or beach.
5. Go to the local botanical gardens or a specialty plant store.
6. Go to a Bonsai specialty store and learn how to trim a Bonsai. LMAO
7. Like sports? How about a trip to the bowling alley?
8. Spend the evening at an amusement park.
9. Try out a sports park and test your skills at the go-carts or batting cages!
10. Like to cook? Try a new recipe together and set up your dinner table for a romantic meal.
If shared hobbies or interests haven’t really brought us together, then
11. The old standby… dinner and a movie. This is a classic date, because it provides the relaxation of a movie, and a conversation starter (movie critique) during dinner.
12. Try tennis or racquetball that requires some interaction over the net!
13. Go to a psychic or psychic faire! This can be a fun way to break the ice, and open up conversations regarding hopes and dreams of the future, and beliefs of the supernatural! (Everyone seems to have at least one ghost story!)
14. Visit a nearby shopping district or downtown area and window-shop! Stroll down the street and talk casually while sipping on coffees. Stop and eat at local venders and sit and relax in green spaces.
15. Walk the dog.
16. Visit the Zoo. Also a classic first date because it is a little out of the ordinary, has built in conversation starters (how do you feel about "Bats?") and usually has food venders.
17. Local festivals or specialty shows, Check out a car or outdoors sports show, anything that might be of interest to us, and provide a built in conversational opportunity will be great.
18. The Imax. Not just your usual movie experience, make it a theme date. If the Imax movie revolves around an ocean theme, follow it up with a seafood dinner or stroll by the beach!
19. Check out the local museum! Maybe Egyptian art is an interest, or Chinese textiles.
20. Theme Night: an evening of fun!
21. picnic lunch
22. Contact a hot air balloon company or cruising yacht and rent it for an afternoon. Have champagne and of course a camera to capture memories.
23. Take a Ride: Whether it is on a bike, a motorcycle or car, plan an afternoon in the country and drive.
24. Go apple picking, roller-skating or even kite flying. Spend the day outdoors, and rent a movie and get a pizza for a relaxing evening back at home. Nothing is better than relaxing with a friend after a day of exercise and fresh air.
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death to taxes not tax to death

    So it is time for another update and there is some good and bad.
   Well, I have my taxes return back. I did not know if I had too pay or get back. Now, I know I have to pay in close to $150.00. I have that paid off so, I canb say I am safe for now . Well, until next year and I get to do it all over again.
   Well, I am doing somewhat ok now. I have had this weekend off and it was for 4 days. I like that idea and next time I will have 3 days off. I am going to be doing the same for the following 2 weeks. Yes, I had hours cut from 109  that I like too have 97 which was not good but as I been saying it is do-able. But, now it is only 85 which is not great but I can do it with help from SR as with her part of rent paid brings me too the level of the 109 hours. I think that is a good thing for now. But what happens if she would leave will I guess i just have to deal with that at another time. But, for the best and worst I take this for now. I am doing my best and seems every morning after a night I meet with SD and we go over things. I am still not in good with PS but, as SD says fuck it keep doing what you are doing. I plan it that way as it seesm too be working.
    Well I had my car look into again . This time it cost me just $60 . It seems so far working but, it will be the trest this week if it is or not. I will not take it off heat as I think it may not as I am not sure  just not taking a chance this time . It seemed too work on hot and cold  when I left the shop but as I want to wait and see. If, it gets too hot lol I can always ue what I call Newfie AC and that is 60 km and windows down.  
  Well the weather is getting warm and I am hoping too have my fist BBQ this weekend. I can wait and see maybe more to come. I am sure there will be . It just a matter of time and when. If I am able too get my weeknds off like this I can do more.
   Well it looks liek I am going get a new computer very very soon like this week but, then I have too redo a lot of things and have files transfir over to it. I have too wait and see what it going to be like but, it will have a lot of major upgrades to it. I will tell more later.
   I was  at local club 717 for the first time in a long time. I talk too some old freinds there. I think the last time I was there was on new years eve of 2007 and that is due too my working . I was to go there this past New years but there was something going on with me at the time. But, I wnet back and I was shocked in a good way about how it changed. I like it very much I am hoping get too go again soon. I know I will being going this Friday  unless something happens between now and then.
   This week I had a chance too meet with a very old friend of mine. We chated on msn and went for coffee.  it was nice too see SW as been a longlong time. We plan too met up and talk again. He went on tell e about his work and his wife and 2 kids. He seems very happy and I am glad for him very much. I do not want to go into what happen to have us stop talking  but, lets say the pastis the past  as I like think of good times and not bad.  But, as for SW it was more good than bad. Way too go man you are making it.
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